Shoebox Letters

Tears for 2 is the new album from Shoebox Letters.  Our 12th independent release.  Tears for 2  features 10 songs written or co-written by vocalist/guitarist Dennis Winslow and also features lead vocals from Susan Lowery, Loren Lee, Daria Chick, and Lorri Calhoun as well as wicked cool harmonies from original vocalist Stephanie Cox (formerly Pranzetti).

In January 2017, Tears for 2 spent two weeks at No. 1 on the Roots 66 Airplay Chart!

As usual, Tears for 2 is anchored by the bass of Dave Stricker and the guitars of Dennis Winslow.  Dennis and Dave co-produced as well and both Greg Paul and Ronn Chick contributed to the production.  The album was recorded in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington from May to October of 2016.

The album kicks off with the regretful reverie of “Done Drinking” (vocals by Loren Lee and Stephanie Cox) and then launches into the driving title track spurred on by Dennis’ resonator guitar riff, followed by 4 Way Stop featuring the sassy vocals of Susan Lowery. The stately ballad “Come Out of Darkness” written by Dennis and Susan Lowery is next and that is followed by Lorri Calhoun's heartfelt vocal on "Alone Note Lonely."  Next up is Loren Lee’s snarling vocal on “Crystal Ball”(written by Dennis after David Bowie passed).  That’s Dave Stricker on the baritone guitar solo.  Daria Chick’s sings the mysterious and atmospheric “Down to Fate.”  Ronn Chick recorded that song and played all of the instruments.

We have uploaded a handful of the songs under the “audio” section of this website.  We hope you enjoy listening to Tears for 2.